6Ds – The six learning disciplines

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What is it?

6Ds (or 6 disciplines) is a methodology used to design learning solutions (or training programs).

It is one of the most used parameters to guarantee a tangible result for the business.

Each “D” represents a step:

  • D1: Determine results fo the business
    The starting point is to establish what is the objective to be reached.
  • D2: Design the complete experience
    From the defined objective, it is designed which learning actions will constitute the program so the defined objective is reached.
  • D3: Direct the application for the practice
    The learning actions should always be connected with the daily routine of the employee so he understands how to put what is being learned into practice.
  • D4: Define the transference of the learning to the daily routine
    Establish goals and challenges that guarantee in practice the application of what was taught.
  • D5: Donate your support
    Offer means so that the employee has support during the program.
  • D6: Document the results.
    Lastly it is indispensable to register the results reached so you can reuse and realign the whole program.

Main Benefits

Demonstrate the results for the business

The main benefit of this methodology is to guarantee that the training programs obtain concrete and tangible results for the business, justifying the investment, as well as the return on investment.

Value proposal

We know how big of a challenge it is to demonstrate for the organization the importance of investment on people development. When applying this technology you will perceive that the talks about budget and investment in corporative education will step up a level.

The learning gamified platform of Engage will help you to go through the 6 disciplines. Once the objective is defined, you will be able to put together a journey that gathers several learning experiences and actions. Each learning action is connected to a challenge (or indicator) to guarantee the application of that learning. Throughout the journey, each employee has access to many supporting tools for his performance and when reaching the objective the results will be documented. All in a friendly and stimulating environment so that everyone goes through the whole journey.

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