Blended Learning

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What is it?

Blended Learning (or mixed learning) is a methodology that unifies classroom training with online training. When online training became popular at the beginning of the 2000s there was a lot of talk about how it would substitute the classroom training, but as it has been seen, this is not what has happened.
Each way has its advantages and benefits and when you use both together you can get a great result. Deeply we are talking about only one thing: learning. The means where it is constructed from are numerous.
It is important to highlight that blended learning goes beyond the bond between online and classroom training. This methodology is strongly aligned with the 70-20-10 methodology and this means that blended learning is not only a formal training. We are also talking about learning experiences that can be lived when working, when reading a book, when watching a film in the comfort of your home (or on your cell phone).

To make even clearer what is Blended Learning see this example:

  •  For the person to participate of classroom training, he should take an online training, read a book and post his main expectancies for the training in a forum. This will allow that when arriving at the classroom training, the whole group will have a similar knowledge, allowing the training to have a lot of discussions amongst participants and therefore creating practical and team work. After the classroom training the participants are invited to participate of games to practice what was seen during the training and lastly publish a project that evidences the application of what was learnt.

Main Benefits

Learning Journey

Blended learning allows creating a learning journey. This represents a change, where training is an event (something punctual), going through a process that gathers different learning actions.

Extract the best of each means

When you combine classroom training with digital actions, you can make the best of what each means offer you. You can prepare the whole group of participants with introductory contents before the classroom training, and use the classroom training to deepen the practical discussions with the daily routine of each professional.
Blended learning is a guiding concept of the development of the learning gamified platform of Engage. We greatly believe in the bond of the classroom with the digital actions with an only objective: learning.
The platform allows the creation of learning paths that unifies all learning actions in an easy and stimulating way.
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