Gamification for learning

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What is it?

The gamification concept means to use gaming elements in contexts that are not games, for example in training programs.

Imagine a program that lasts 12 months, where every three months there is a classroom training and between there are activities to keep the flame on and cause transformation.

On the completion of each activity, the employee earns points and coins.

The points will give him a good team ranking position, and the coins will allow him to customize his avatar (or exchange for real prizes).

The main elements used are:

  • Points
  • Ranking
  • Coins
  • Storytelling
  • Maps
  • Achievements
  • Rewards
  • Avatar
  • Rules
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Progress
  • Levels

Main Benefits:

There are many benefits that Gamification can bring to the learning process:

  • Increase in participant engagement.
    The more game elements are used, the bigger is the engagement of the employees. On average the adhesion to the learning actions increase four times when comparing to the traditional training portals (LMS).
  • Friendly environment
    Gamification allows you to create a friendlier and stimulating environment to all. You can work several themes in a light and fun way, but be aware: gamification does not mean games or children’s play. You can use all these elements in a professional manner, keeping the focus on the result for the business.
  • Recognize who is doing right.
    Through feedbacks in real time the employee will be recognized by doing defined activities. The rankings give visibility to the best and in the rewards shop it is possible to customize the avatar with exclusive items and also gives the opportunity to exchange for real prizes.

Value proposal

We know how frustrating designing a training program can be and the participation can be below expected. With Engage we guarantee that you will have a high participation on all actions (face-to-face or digital), allowing you to create a learning culture for your company.

Gamification will be an engine that will push the employee of your company in the direction you wish.

plataforma de gamificação has all the elements highlighted above for you to configure your project in an easy and fast way. It is totally flexible and allows you to adopt elements that make sense to your project.
In the platform you can create multiple environments and configure different elements in each one of them.

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