Internal training creation

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Whats is It?

Nowadays it is a common practice to contract consulting agencies specialised on digital contents. Usually the HR acts as a mediator between its “client”, who is the specialist on the topic, and the training production consulting agency.
This is a process that still is important, however, nowadays there are many tools that allow the contents to be created directly by the specialist and the HR becomes a supporter of better practices.

Main benefits

Agility and Quality

As the material is being produced directly by the specialist, this drastically reduces the training development time, including the endless validation steps. At the same time it is possible to concentrate even more on the content, giving it an impeccable and assertive quality.

More Trainings

As this process is decentralized, all specialists can produce their digital contents without overloading the type of HR.

Cost reduction

Value proposal

The value proposal changes the process radically as how the online training is produced. The contents literally look like the business, therefore with a superior quality and the HR assumes a more strategic role as a facilitator of the process helping the results and the impact on the business.
The existing training platforms were conceived to manage and control the trainings. That makes sure that they are not seen as learning environments not stimulating to the employees. The consequence is that for people to do the trainings it is necessary consulting agencies to create interactive contents that are always different.

With the training gamified platform of Engage we inverted this logic, creating a highly stimulating learning environment that all want to participate. This allows working with microlearning, produced internally, good assertive contents that are adherent to the business, without the need of technological sophistication.
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