Inverted Classroom

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What is it?

The “inverted classroom” is a methodology where you invert the concept of a traditional classroom. The idea is to hand the protagonism to the participant (or year) and the teacher to assume a facilitator role. This way the learning process is centred on the “student”, instead of the teacher.

The expository part, that usually uses almost all the classroom time, is reduced and concentrates on introducing the content and warm up the exchange between all participants.

This methodology connects greatly with Blended Learning, once the “training” starts much before the “classroom”. The most conceptual part can be introduced before the classroom meeting so all arrive in conditions to discuss and bring their doubts about the practical situations of their daily routine.

Main Benefits

To value the experience of each participant

When placing the participant (student) in the centre of the process, he becomes a protagonist and that allows valuing his experience and the exchange with the other participants.

A better exploitation of the investment

The classroom training (which generally involves the highest financial investment) will be better enjoyed and directed to discussions that allow each employee to feel more secure top put in practice what was learned.

Reduction of the classroom time (and cost)

As a big part of the more conceptual content will be transmitted before the classroom meeting, it is possible to reduce the classroom time (and consequently the cost).

Value proposal

The value proposal of the Inverted Classroom is top put the participant (student) in the centre of the learning process.

The learning gamification platform of Engage is a big success factor to guarantee the execution of this methodology once that if the participants do not participate of the activities that precede the classroom meeting, all the process will be harmed and the discussions will be superficial, making the facilitator go back to a central role.

Through the mechanics of gamification and communication we can guarantee a participation level 4x superior to the training management tools of the market.
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