Learning Paths

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What is it?

The learning path is a learning action and experiences grouping. In addition to grouping the paths they also guide the employees in one (or more) path.
The paths can linear or non-linear. That depends on the theme and path’s public. When they are introductory themes it is interesting to help the employee with a linear path, making clear what it is and when should be done. As it is deepen on the themes it is interesting to leave it open so it adapts to the profile and preference of each person.

Main benefits

Clear on what should be done

One of the great points of attention raised by the employees is the difficulty in locate what should be done. When you use the paths you will bring this clarity for all and each one will know what should be done.

Segmentation by positions and areas

You can create paths for specific audiences according to their position and other criteria that you believe important to segment the trainings.

Value Offer

The great value offer of the learning path is to bring clarity about what has to be done and to orient the development steps of each employee.

Within the gamified learning platform of Engage you can put together learning paths with a super friendly and attractive visual. It is possible to create different paths according with the development step, as well as to distinct audiences.
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