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Whats is it?

The idea of microlearning is to provide learning contents that can be visualised in a fast and continuous way.

Microlearning does not mean reduction of content or to transform a 2 hour training into a 5 minute video. The main difference is to split this training in smaller parts and in different formats to be visualised along a period.

Microlearning does not substitute the formal training (face-to-face or online). It complements and creates an experience that makes perfect sense in the dynamic context we live in.

Main Benefits


The agility that microlearning brings is very positive for the companies and its employees. It is not only applied when consuming the content, as it is generally of easy access and fast to be visualised, but also in the creation and availability of the content. It can be created in a matter of minutes and distributed instantly.

Facilitates comprehension:

The fact that microlearnings are structured in small parts helps on the assimilation of the content. At the same time an important tip is to offer paths in case the person decides to go deeper on the topic.


Other great benefit is to offer many “learning pills” (other term for microlearning) on a timeline. This will help the person who is studying to always maintain the theme at hand and to assimilate better the content with time.

Value Proposal

We can consider that the value proposal of microlearning is to simplify how the learning contents are built, made available and consumed.

The learning gamified platform of Engage was built based on the concepts of Microlearning and it allows you to create and provide several different types of contents (always in a fast and easy way).
Amongst all types of activities available, we can highlight: videos, quizzes, games, reading material, dissertation questions, and challenges between participants, amongst many other possibilities.
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