Engage is the fastest and easiest solution for you to structure the main people development processes in your organization. Check next the uses that have been reaching great results.

New Employees Integration Program

The new employees integration program is an activities group in which all employees, when hired, should do to integrate to the new company.

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Leadership Program

The leadership program is an action and activities group for leaders’ development. Generally they last between 18 and 24 months, with live modules every 6 months.

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Commercial Capacitation Program

The commercial capacitation program gathers the actions and activities that the sales and marketing team need to have a high performance. Generally the programs last 1 year with specific development objectives and are aligned to the sales strategic plan.

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Professional Development Program

The professional development program has as an objective supporting the development of the employees in essential competencies for their position. They can encompass several learning experiences digitally or classroom activities.

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Cultural Program

The cultural program is used to disseminate and reinforce your culture to all your employees. Culture is defined from values, core competences, internal processes, mission, vision, amongst other elements. It is also called “ way of being” of your organization.

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