Commercial Capacitation Program

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What is it?

The commercial capacitation program gathers actions and activities that the sales and marketing team need to have a high performance. Generally the programs last 1 year with specific development objectives and are aligned to the strategic sales plan.

It is common that they are structured in modules, where each one will approach specific themes such as: product line, sales techniques, consultative sales and other key competencies.

Main Benefits:

The commercial area is one of the best areas to visualize the return on the investment in team capacitation. Having a structured program will help you giving the support needed for your team to be always updated about the product information and services of your company, besides giving support in the development of new competences.

  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Goals reached
  • Better sale


Engage allows you to organize in a clear way all the capacitation program and besides that, it is you who will insert practical activities to evidence what each sales person is applying from what was seen in training and also the goals and sales indicators.

Keep all the activities and actions that the sales people should do in one place:

  • Videos and aticles: use videos and articles to explain the differential of products, as well as sales techniques.
  • Classroom training: use Engage to mark the presence list and obtain in time the reaction evaluation.
  • Sustainability: create online activities to help with the sustainability of what was seen during the classroom training.
  • Practice: establish challenges and practical activities that each sales person should realize after the training.
  • Goals and Indicators: define goals and indicators that the sales person should do. You can also integrate with the data of your CRM.

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