Culture Program

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What is it?

The culture program is used to disseminate and reinforce your culture on all your employees. Culture is defined from values, essential competences, internal processes, mission, vision, within other elements. It is also called “way of being” of your organization.
Generally the culture program is composed of activities that explain each element of your culture, such as values. It is common that the culture programs are realized as a campaign, that happens during all year, where each month is worked an element.
As the culture program matures they start to focus more on challenges that translate an expected behaviour according to values and competencies.

Main Benefits:

The organizational culture is one of the most important unattainable actives and generally gathers the characteristics that define who the company is in the present and the future. Amongst the main benefits of having a structured culture program are:

  • Disseminate and strengthen culture
  • Increase a sense of belonging
  • Increase of engagement


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