Leadership Program

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What is it?

The leadership program is a group of actions and activities for the development of leaders. Generally they last between 18 and 24 months, with classroom modules every 6 months
The objective of this program is to support the development of leaders with topics such as people management, feedback, communication, conflict resolution, business management, amongst other important topics.

Main Benefits:

The leaders of the company are a fundamental part of today’s success and the future of the organization. Having an own program which brings support to the development of its leaders brings a direct impact in many indicators:

  • Productivity Gain
  • Revenue Increase/li>
  • Cost Reduction/li>

The investment in leader development impacts all organization, because each leader will be better prepared to deal with his/her team, and that brings benefits to all.


With Engage you will be able to structure the entire leadership development journey, keeping in one place all the activities and actions that the leaders should realize:

  • Pre-work: define which activities the leaders should do before the in-class modules.
  • Classroom Training: Use Engage to mark the presence list and to obtain in time the evaluation reaction.
  • Sustainability: create online activities to help sustain what was seen during the classroom training.
  • Practice: establish challenges and practical activities that each leader should accomplish after the training.
  • Modules: define an activity group for each module of your leadership program.

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