New Employees Integration Program

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What is it?

The new employees integration program is an activities group in which all employees, when hired, should do to integrate to the new company. Generally the integration programs last 90 days and are structured in activities to:

  • First Day
  • First Week
  • First Month
  • Second Month
  • Third Month

On each step generally the employees has a goal to reach. On the first day he introduces himself to the company, his history, areas, products and services. During the first week he should understand better what will be his role, the market where the company works, systems that will be used daily, and he will also be welcomed by the team
From then on it is important to have check point moments to guarantee that the employee is being well integrated, as well as complementing with more detailed information about the company, market, products and services.

Main Benefits:

Having an integration process is fundamental for many reasons:

  • To increase hiring success: first 90 days are crucial for the adaptation of the new employee to the new job. The integration program drastically reduces the withdrawal rate of new employees.
  • Increase in productivity: It takes time for the new employee to reach the productivity of an employee who has been there for a while, therefore the better the integration process, the faster the new employee will feel at ease, adapting to the new position and company, thus delivering on the same pace of someone who has been there for a while.
  • Employee Experience: we hear more and more about “employee experience” where the employee’s journey throughout the time in company should be thought out to enable reaching the best of this relationship on all sides: employee, client and company.


With Engage you will be able to organize all the integration process, including:

  • Video and welcoming letter;
  • Company introduction, areas, products and services;
  • Getting to know the company in practice (where the employee should walk all areas of the company, registering the accomplishments with the QR Code);
  • Registering of the Welcoming Lunch with the manager and the team;
  • Registering of the work material and uniform;
  • Registering of monthly check-points;

You can personalize your integration program perfectly with your process and use all the other resources that Engage offers.

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