Professional Development Program

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What is it?

The professional development program has as an objective support the employees development in essential competencies to exercise his/her function. It can encompass several learning experiences, face-to-face or digital.

It is always recommended to create specific paths for function groups or areas, besides keeping an eye on the development of the essential competencies for the future of the organization. For this reason it is fundamental that the professional development program is an unfolding of the strategic planning of your company.

Main Benefits:

Having a professional development program is fundamental for several factors:

  • Increase Engagement: today one of the biggest demands of the employees is that the company help him in his development. Having a structured program will demonstrate to all employees that your company is investing in him and that increases engagement.
  • Preparing your company for the future: developing new competences on your employees will prepare your company for the future and will guarantee the success of your strategic planning.
  • Turnover Reduction: lack of investment in development and career is one of the biggest resignation generating factors in companies. Having a structured program will help you maintain a more engaged team and reduce the leaving of employees.
  • Productivity Increase: the preparation of employees is totally linked to the productivity of your company. The more prepared each employee is to exercise his function, the better and faster he will be.


Engage allows you to create exclusive learning paths for function and area groups, gathering all learning activities needed, amongst them:

  • Microlearning
  • Videos (Youtube, Vimeo or direct on Engage)
  • Text reading (Sites, PDFs, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Courses SCORM
  • Classroom Training
  • Games
  • Practical Activities

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